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3 Easy tips on how to keep your house clean

We've been there before. Your family or friends decide they want to stop by and you say yes, but your house says " I'm not ready". An hour seems like 20 minutes. Before you know it your explaining how busy you are you say things like " Forgive the house, I know its a mess", Blah blah blah. Well, here we put together 3 Tips to keeping your house clean so that you don't have to give people that speech anymore.

3 Easy tips on how to keep your house clean
Messy Home
  1. Hampers and trash bags are your friends - Clothes sometimes have a mind of their own and and end up everywhere, and not in the hampers we bought them for. It pays to have several hampers handy. It also helps organize clothes that need to be washed. Its actually quite fun once you get started. I like to pretend I'm Steph Curry and shoot my clothes and socks into the hampers while cleaning up sometimes. Trash bags are also essential when cleaning up. I recommend having trash bags with you so that you don't have to go back and forth to the trash can. Time is of the essence. By having a quick place to toss things it can really help speed up the process.

  2. Sweep And Vacuum - If you have room of carpet that is near a place that has a hard surface such as hardwood floors, then sweeping the crumbs and debris onto the carpet would make it easier, faster, and overall a more efficient clean. People don't realize how many crumbs they actually miss when they sweep the old fashion way. You never really get all the crumbs and dirt particles into the dust pan. In fact, I vacuum hardwood surfaces more than I sweep now. I use a very good vacuum by Shark to get my hardwood floors free from all debris.

  3. The Power Hour Rule - The biggest key to having a clean home is maintenance. By applying the Power Hour Rule to your regimen, your home would take within one hour of cleaning to be presentable at all times. For some people its not that difficult, for others its a challenge. We all live different lives, schedules and have a different tolerance and definition of what dirty is. Hopefully these 3 quick tips help you clean and maintain your home.

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