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Has Covid-19 Changed The Cost Of House Cleaning?

Covid-19 has dramatically impacted many of our lives. These days professional cleaning services have had to make changes. Randys Trusted Cleaning Services LLC is a residential and small commercial cleaning company in Kansas City. Because of Covid-19, they have implemented a system that has dramatically reduced face to face contact and interaction. They now require that no tenants be present while cleaning, or carpet cleaning. They do this to ensure that everyone is safe while cleaning. Randy Jones, owner of Randy's Trusted Cleaning Services LLC said "There's major risks in going in peoples homes now, and its best to keep everyone safe by maintaining distance". With Covid-19 being such a dangerous and easily spreadable disease, home services have had to take precautions to another level.

Pricing however, has remained the same for some cleaning services such as Randys Trusted Cleaning Services LLC despite Covid-19. The owner stated "another reason for requiring that tenants not be present while cleaning is so that pricing doesn't go up". Disinfecting the very viruses that have killed people have made some professional services take extra precautions, but shouldn't have to come at an extra cost. While there's extra risk, if no tenants are there and its just the cleaning crew then there's no reason for the price to inflate. Many cleaning and maid services were already wearing masks prior to Covid-19 due to standard procedure.


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