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Do you think a house cleaner is a luxury you can't afford? Here's the going rate for professional house cleaning services and what other additional tasks may cost you.

Keeping your house clean can be an exhausting task, especially if you work full time, have young children or pets or all of the above. As a result, many busy homeowners are hiring a professional house cleaner to help lower their stress and make their lives easier. You may be moving out, or moving into a residence and may not want to deal with the hassle of making sure the residence is sanitary and in tip top shape.

But the question is, how much should house cleaning services cost, and exactly what are homeowners getting for their money when they hire a maid or cleaning company?

How much cleaning services charge

Professional house cleaners typically set house cleaning prices one of two ways: By hour, or by square foot.

On average, hourly costs range from $25 to $45. Square foot rates are often used for a "first clean," as a baseline for pros to work from. First cleans or 1 time cleans are also more expensive, as cleaners need to determine how long they'll spend in a home, and if there are any rooms which require extra work — for example a family bathroom or large play area.

         In addition, rates will differ based on how often you want pros to clean. Generally, the more times a house cleaner comes in a month, the lower the price per visit, though this is often a matter of $5 or $10 per clean. Some cleaners offer a discount if homeowners are willing to pay for multiple visits upfront, or if they sign a long-term contract. If you have pets, cleaners often charge a 20 to 30 dollar fee due to pet odor and pet fur, which can be a pain to get out. Some people renting a home or an apt want their deposit back and need the residence to be in great shape as they move out. Many landlords will charge a hefty fee if the residence isn't in the shape it was left in prior to moving in.

 So all in all, hiring a professional cleaner isn't that expensive. There are several factors such as square feet, how good of shape the house is, and whether or not you have pets that factor into price. At the end of the day we all love a clean, sanitary, comfortable and fresh smelling home. Many of us in this day and age already have busy schedules and have a hard enough time keeping our home in tip top shape on a regular. Call Randys Trusted Cleaning Services LLC For A Free Estimate (816)599-6022

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